Dogs Waiting And Happy Welcoming When Kids Going Home On The School – Funny Dog Videos 2017

Dogs Waiting And Happy Welcoming When Kids Going Home On The School – Funny Dog Videos 2017
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최라라 says:

개들은 저렇게 뛰놀수 있는 환경에서 키워야는데…이런영상 보니 우리 애들과 애견들도 저런 잔디넓은 마당에서 뛰놀며 크면 얼마나 행복할까 싶고 부러워요

Alishaa Mahesh says:

I love dogs

Jeremias Saylo says:

hahha…i just remembered my dog… that died last year.. he always do the same thing like the dogs in the video… i really miss him…😢😢😢😢

Shade Akinyele says:

You can never go.wrong with doggie love. Too cute

trifidsagitarius says:

World politics should be run by Dogs 🙂

No war, poverty and injustice.

Della Vinci says:

So adorable! Now that's TRUE LOVE!! ❤️🐶

Keerthana Arun says:

very Heartfull Happy

grumpy oldfart says:

My old dog always walked down to the road about 10 minutes before my bus got there. Then he walked me up the drive way home. I'd almost forgotten about that. He never missed a day.

Mahmoud Ayad says:

This is so cute

Nijwm Gwra Brahma says:

that content gave me headache

marianna marianna says:


Patience Hardaway says:

My little puppy does this it's so cute 😍

Nick Yang says:


Nick Yang says:


Kristy Taylor says:

my dog does that

xrarnax says:

This video illustrates why I want a dog.

kissyyh says:

1:51 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Paul Michel says:

There's nothing better than being welcomed home from school by a dog.

wilder9777 says:

happy day

nim00ne says:


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