Cute And Funny Chihuahua Dog Videos 2017

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Victory Amazing says:

3:09!! Aww, 💖💖💖

stephen ricks says:

Aww so cute I subed and liked. This is so cute 😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Michele S says:

chihuahuas are the cutest cutest little dogs and puppies but potty training them is next to Impossible you better be home all day everyday🐾

Lettuce B. Friends says:

Why put those paw pads on? Poor thing obviously doesn't like them and this is not funny… Is there a valid reason other to get a laugh?

Desara Gjoka says:


nancy rouse says:

are they for sale?

Long Gaming says:


AA V says:

Chihuahuas rule!!!

Pipers World says:

The chihuahua puppy howl is so cute

Evon Williams says:

Oh really to cute and funny

happy sam says:

how do people dislike this?

Lou Aguon says:

I love little dog's with a big heart. I dedicate this to my 2 left, Pika and Baby Boy.

Dim Val says:

Funny Animals team thanks a lot for this funny lovable and cute vid for these little fellas. Great vid as always and i am happy that i subscribed to your channel. Have a great day guys.

alicja schymon says:


Antoni Antoni says:

son tiermos

Faith Wil-Dey says:

not funny super cute. awesome video.

Sy Che says:


Efe Vatansever says:


زهرة الربيع says:


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