What a Loyal Dog! It Doesn’t Allow Anything to Hurt the Baby | Dog Love Baby Video Compilation

What a Loyal Dog! It Doesn’t Allow Anything to Hurt the Baby | Dog Love Baby Video Compilation
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Emerald Arabit says:

even if they're animals, they have this brain of a human.

Mya Costa says:

Dogs & devotion, nothing better! ❤️🐶

senksful says:

Its amaizing!!! Dogs THE BEST!!! I like dogs!

djnico17 says:


F S says:

where is the dog saving the baby from the train??!!…enough of these teaser vids…just use the a REAL shot from the vid.

Lori Terpstra says:

2:40 is a pitbull, isn't it? Beautiful!!!!!

shantal min says:

Wtf is wrong with the thumbnail!!!!

Hi I'm Zed says:


Chandra Yu says:

Awww….. its so cute at 6:03 😍😘

Mini Grery says:

Na 4 klip onazi jena da umre i da se ebe v kazana

Emily Stone says:

So if the dog gets the wrong idea and bites the wrong person at the wrong time, will they think it's funny or cute then?

Julie Santiago says:

Ang galing,,,nmiss ko tuloy Ng aso ko.

Md tipu Sultan says:


greeny339 says:

Child abuse.

LPS Donutík says:

it's so cute

Kaycie Morris says:

This is why I don't understand how people can leave dogs on the street when they would do anything to protect their owner.😣

Odittie Munedzimwe says:

the last one oooh my God

Peter Worcester says:

Ok so not to be too rude but the thumbnail for this compilation appears to show a baby sitting ion between train tracks, and oncoming train and a dog ? Running towards the baby as if to show the dog saving the baby, right ?
So where is that "segment" ? One great way to lose subscribers and/or likes.

Amarendra Nath says:

Dogs got more heart than any human. But hey, thats fake thumbnail on the video

simbaku123 says:

Some serious photoshop fail for the video thumbnail, can't stop laughing >D 😀

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