Shiba Inu and Baby happy moments | Cute Dog and Baby Compilation

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Content description: Shiba Inu and Baby happy moments | Cute Dog and Baby Compilation
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中あたる says:

All stolen videos.

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

The good thing about larger dogs is that they will not feel threatened by a small human "puppy" and they seem to even understand he/she is a "puppy". They can always leave the situation… Still…there's a always a small chance for things to go wrong. But, most often a dog is a part of the family, so they need to get along. For one thing, the dog may not be too protective of its food, that's for sure…

kayla julia says:

So cute all!

Ava Olivia says:

Cutest moments! I love Shiba Inu

Bela Lara says:

Wow Love in here. I just need dogs.

Anne Lawrence says:

I love when shibas do that cute little thing when they're angry

Rose White says:

I love these moments, it's make me happy day by day

NO aus W W says:

I Love My Shiba Inu too

Darkana Roz says:

Anyone know the name of the song at the end? 😮

Gunnerz Forever says:

Subbed and enjoying your videos along with my family (including my pup)….

Trooper Chick says:

<3 <3 Dogs are gods <3 <3

Trooper Chick says:

whos that 6 dislike assholes ?

James Groninger says:

My love! I just look at it, I will feel happy! Love dogs!

Smith Hilda says:

It's hard to understand! I saw the dogs startling the baby, but why the babies are so excited about that

Amy Destiny says:

Shiba inu – The dog has a happy smile

Jenny Anna says:

I can play with dog or cat daylong

Richard Brown says:

Having very good impression this video! Woww, amazing

KIDDO TV says:

What a great and cute video between a dog and baby ^_^
The baby and dogs really love each other. Love at it's best

SnowWolfz Channel says:

I want to have one shiba and husky they are so cute💙

Sophia Kerr says:

I love it, a happy dog!

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