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Soldier Coming Home and being helped by dogs compilation for Memorial Day 2017. Videos include:

These Dogs Are Reuniting With Veterans Who Just Got Home
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Dog Who Lost Her Leg In Afghanistan Gets Honored For Her Bravery
Read more about Lucca’s story (
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Dog Who Got Lost And Ended Up In Shelter Reunites With Family | The Dodo
To make more reunions like this possible, you can support the Front Street Animal Shelter:

Puppy Helps Veteran Deal With PTSD
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Man Home From Air Force Reunites With His Puppy
Keep up with this adorable german shepherd, George on Instagram:

Veteran And Service Dog Get Hired At Lowe’s
Special thanks to Amber Treybig of KRBC News:

Dog, Cat Help Veteran with PTSD by Joining Him on Adventures
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The Dodo says:

Thank you to all who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice! #memorialday

Memes Rules! says:

I’m leaving my dog for 1 year……. πŸ˜” he’s a Pomeranian I got him in Thailand but we have to move to Australia we promise him and that we will visit him every year once or twice

Jack Hammond says:

Who is chopping onions? +1 like

drum club 2529 says:


Soapy Bleach says:

Whats ptsd mean?

The kremner Vlogge says:

My name is Charlotte

Th3N3wC0m3rz_Pro_YT -Gaming! says:

Now, I wish i had a dog😒

Flaming Grumpig34 says:

How does this have dislikes

SavageKiLLer says:

My dogs goes crazy after coming home from the shops….

Lindsay Spainhour says:


Glacier Gamer says:

God bless the men and women who served for us and bless those puppers that love their masters.

Chantelle Little says:

So cute I nearly cried

Sweetie Divine says:

Woman-daddy's home Leaps out van and runs to him


Marines are not soldiers, they are Marines. That's like calling a professor "teacher"

Krysta life 4life says:

For the people that doesn't like this you are cold hearted

Jose Galvez says:

Alright……who's cutting onions round here?

Glenda Sears says:

"Animals take away some loneliness away from u" actually that's true my dog always makes me not lonely and tbh my dog is my best…friend

Mostafa Ehab says:

dogs are better than some humans

Jorge Delgado says:

Much better than sons seeing their fathers

Frans Jokinen says:

'I missed you so bad'

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