Funny Germn Shepherd Dog vs Water Hose

Bubu the German Shepherd dog is trying to bite water hose.
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Daniel Casillas says:

all these stupid comment about how it's on high,no it's not if it was on high the dog wouldn't keep doing going to the water it's common sense even dog have it

jose hernandez says:

The high pressure water can hurt the mouth or make cuts at the skin, o hurt the ayes , is not funny .

Denny Em says:


Denny Em says:

That is not safe to allow dog around hi pressure water. Could blind him or choke with all that pressure. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.


You fucking idiots…..thats to high of pressure and the stream is too concentrated…..FUCK OFF

Playfulpanthress says:

So cute!! Couldn't quite beat it though, huh pup? Next time…

The Gaming Beast says:

I love animals

SydDrawsStuff says:

I hope that's on soft wash and not high intensity

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