Try Not To Laugh | Funny Puppies Video Compilation 2017

From puppies confused by their own hiccups, puppies trying to bite a dog’s tail, to puppies sitting in a watermelon and eating it, these are just a few of the funny puppies you’ll find in this funny puppies video compilation. Try not to laugh, we dare ya!

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Dachshund Tilts Head When She Hears Whistling
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Puppy Tries to Bite Great Dane’s Tail
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Dachshund Puppies Confused by Howling Noise


Sirikumara Kudagama says:

Never seen such cute little puppies

Sakrysta says:

That little westie – "Aw, mom! Let the poor sad puppy out of the light box!"

Overpay 123 says:

I want all of them so cute 😝😝😱😍😍

Your Papi says:

3:05 we have a killer on our hands

Sierra Schafer says:

Me: why is that puppers mum being mean ?

want to make daddy happy

Me: wait what

oni chan says:

Such dyobalic cuteness overload overload I say

oni chan says:

That must have been a batch of those wild corgis running amuck in the country side my God that man knew not his peril didn't anyone tell him they go after the soft parts first

Christin S. says:

At 4:06 does anyone know what kind of dog that is??

Jade Cowen says:

I find a dog howling sad. I I heard my old dog howl once in my life, and I that was after my mom died. Saddest thing I ever hearx

Bིeིaིuིtིyིfིuིlི Bིeིnིdིyི says:

This isn't funny this is adorable and cute people are saying awwwwwwwww to this

Madison vermillion says:

Watermelons are bad for dogs that just made me mad.

adam best says:

Pupper do a bork,tilt and snoogle

Kylie Roth says:

Beardo pupper.

Justgirlystuff 101 says:

That dog playing peekaboo with the camera, I need him in my life 😍😍

Sofiia Lucky says:

Poor doggy in the sand fall

Dylan Hatch says:

This is just cute

Sarah Price says:

Ah, so we meet again! My arch-enemy, my nemesis- partially full water-bottle!

zakrap11 says:

The Sneezing pup at 2:08 is so FREAKING CUTE!!!

Shaun Kelly says:

The slow peeking bulldog was hilarious. The rest was super cute. I have a few cute dog videos too. Check'em out.

Forever Spotted Cat says:

I relate to the one with corgis "attacking" the dudes face.

Except when it happened to me it was boxer puppies

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