Dog vs. Shark at Folly Beach


Caden Star says:

leth the dog get kild

vickie lewis says:

Why let the bog jump hold it

Junior gun Ranch says:

Lol people wonder why let a dog out? Watch discovery channel. Sharks DO NOT eat dogs! In fact dogs are just a dog not food!

Pedro Azevedo says:

Hi, I'm a producer for this year's edition of SHARKTACULAR (trailer here: which airs on the Discovery Channel ahead of their Shark Week. Our team loves this video and I'd like to know if you're the person who filmed it because we'd like to include it on our program. Please email me: Thanks!

Lauren Moore says:

Hi there!
I'm trying to contact you about licensing this clip for a show, please e-mail me as soon as possible:
Thank you so much!

Lucas Medina says:

It's kinda scary knowing sharks live in waters nearly 30 minutes away from me

André Gomes da Silva Sauro says:

click ::::> 0:40

Jalen Jemison says:

Why would you let you dog out there


loyal dog ever seen

MrOramato says:

Too bad some men are dumber than their dogs.

Andre Houston says:

Hey thanks man!!!!!

Andre Houston says:

Whats a good shark bait?

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