Dog saves cat from fox!

BONUS extra scenes:

I DIDN’T NEED TO SAVE THE CAT MYSELF, AS THE DOG SAVED THE CAT. IT’S OBVIOUS. We had someone ready to stand in too incase the dog didn’t save the cat. It was the safest way to deal with the situation.

My dog, Roxie (miniature labradoodle) saves the life of the cat from 2 doors down. A fox was initially threatening (staring at) the cat (pictures on my tumblr account). Roxie barks and scares the fox away.

My mum was the one who filmed it. Sorry she didn’t zoom out or show the dog. I didn’t film it because my video camera ran out of battery :(.

We had 3 people. 1 with the camera. 1 with the dog. 1 with nothing, ready to stand in to save our neighbour’s cat.

There have been several cases of foxes killing cats in our area, so yes, it can happen.
Rabies was eliminated from the UK in the 20th Century, and due to strict rules, has only risen a couple of times since. So the fox is not rabid.

My dog was definitely barking at the fox. She doesn’t really care for the local cat, and she was staring directly at the fox, trying to free herself to get at it. We were pointing the fox, and not the cat, out to her too!
RIP to Buster, the cat, who died shortly before the Christmas of 2012 :'(

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Bergsman says:

No, the fox was a terminator and just checking out the neighbourhood. You could clearly see his red eye at 0:25

helterskelter416 says:

correction dog saves fox from asskicking via cat

leanne buckler says:

Foxes are my faret

Emoji Face says:


Ethan Hunter says:

0:26 robo fox

Foxfried says:

that is a terminator fox look at his laser eye 0:26

Shady Panda Gaming says:

Anyone see fox red eye?? at 0:24 huh huh??

Cranston Richmond says:

kurama is that u 😂😂

Taylor the weirdo says:

the fox is now going to say "I'm gonna get out of here"

SG says:

What car is this

Ilias Vanhove says:

Good luck reading 22K comments

Aabohax says:

That fox has fucking laser eyes

shadow de egel says:

what does the fox see. L. Want. Krill. Jou

Scott Hotchkiss says:

Did the arsehole filming not think to keep the fox away from the cat?

TheBarbaricDiamond says:

Grab a goddamn 300 + muzzle power airsoft gun and shoot it in the ass. Runs away instantly!

Duck Duck says:


Carol Chng says:

Eww the fox have read eye

Tom Farland says:

That's a T-800 fox model

That Taylor Kid says:

0:25 if i saw😲😵😲😲😵😵

Meagan Simeonoff says:

The fox has red eyes

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