Cute And Funny Rottweiler Videos Compilation – Rottweilers Really Dangerous Dog ?

Cute And Funny Rottweilers Videos Compilation
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OBJgamer says:

You hit 100,000 subs

Nova Slayzz says:

My rottweiler is just curious and wants to play. It the smartest dog ive ever had and the most caring one too. They are the sweetest dog and the most protective.

Lola Is My Birth Name Forever says:

1:12 is that the same dog that dirtied the couch!?

Angela Lena says:

sono adorabili io li amo

Pul5ar says:

Big softies

Sway All Day says:

The last one reminds me of my rott 😂 hes always acting that way lol sounds just like him

Mystery of world says:

not a single video is funny

Jan Faber says:

rotti's 😍

CS1281 says:

That noise is Rott talk! Mine does it constantly. This breed is super vocal in a growly sort of way. Scares the shit out of some people, but it's nothing but love.

Suman Lama says:

Why the fuck is yhe dog being loded ….
They have also pain

huhu says:

Rottweiler are great dogs, you must love them. 3 1/2 years later, I am still missing my full black Labrador-Rottweiler-German Shepherd girl. Feels good to watch some.

isabell rozario says:

so cute and funny

Melanie Larsen says:

This is so cute!

Chris Leone says:

One of my favorite doggies. They are not bad dogs. They are as bad as people make them. Just like they don't know how to train and care for pit bulls, a great family dog. My friends have had both and they are sweet. People make bad dogs.
Great video.

Carlos Rodriguez says:

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