( Ty Die Dog) Pooch Adds Dramatic Fair To Favorite Trick( Original)

Ty playing and showing off his amazing skills (:

and lastly but not least playing dead.

And you thought your dog was smart(;

Pooch adds dramatic fair to favorite trick

ty die ty die ty die the truly amazing wonder dog

Be on the lookout MIshka (:

by the way this aint my dog just wanted to show everyone this video.

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ytmndman says:

It's just like playing Wolfenstein 3D in real life

Beyond Channel says:

Wow, top performance.

BusinessClops says:

Love the effect of the last breath before the tail finally goes still. Very realistic. Well done, dog!

SnickerdoodleMcfox says:

now i want a German Shepherd even more! =D

froggy says:

hahaha i just love how his tail slowly dies out

R Joseph says:

That is good work

Nickolas Peacock says:

how the fuck did you teach that dog to do that?

Mallory Martin says:

I loved the ending! Too cute!! lol 🙂 Beautiful Shepherd!

jammyoopas98 says:

i love how hes wagging his tail…when hes playing dead.

Jean Go-Oco says:

He's so cute!!!

amarvel15 says:

i love his creepy look at the camera at the end

Albert Herrera says:

such a smart german shepherd

Allan Sanchez says:

Lollipop pewww

xalbertoherrerax says:


xalbertoherrerax says:

@SuperPenguinsrule123 yes indeed

xalbertoherrerax says:

@meshell86 yes indeed

xalbertoherrerax says:

@MeuThe13 hehe

MyFavoritePupJasmine says:

ah hahaha! I LOVE the ENDING!! That's quite a dramatic "play dead"! I just love it! (My dog Jasmine does tricks too!) 😀

Mariri World says:

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Mariri World says:

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