Cooper Bloopers

VLoG #157 : Behinds the scenes look at the lengths my dog Cooper goes to; to be the center of attention each time the camera gets turned on.

Music: Queberts Canasta –

8 bit Smooth Criminal:


Darline Jean-Baptiste says:

That was a stuffed bear at 1:10

xoScreamformex says:

awwwww cooper is adorable!!!!:')

TaîRøne Yennille says:

my dogs gangster, he went up in two rotwilers faces talked shit , and they became his niggas' he really takes after his owner

Sw1Ft says:

Koopa bloopa

erin maher says:

My dogs name is cooper too

Random Jasmine says:

Cooper reminds me of my dogs, Max and Private.

Hunter Withrow says:

Poor cooper at 1:10

Chloe Waterhouse says:

Cooper is sooo cute

Rod z says:

I loved a dog named cooper but then he died of old age😞😞😞😭😭😭


swoozie bruh your dogs name is the same as mine but anyways I like your dace video beccause i am a dancer i got a crew and everything 

Astor Laffar says:

I love the ending he's like dancing

Bubble Tae says:

Awwwwwww the ending! <3

damien whitehead says:

We're did u get the street fighter pixel art statue and how much was it

giuliano bonifacio says:


Melissa Margis says:

More Cooper!!! Puh puh puh please 😀

Fourarms202 says:

lol Cooper and I would be going round and round.

Arial Chen says:

Don't be soo mean to cooper

Sha-Mel Bomb.diggity says:

-this is too funny!

Ashley Russell says:

Omg i cam tale cooper from you

FancyFox246 says:

Lol my favorite is 0:49

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