Dogs, the funniest animals in animal world – Funny dogs compilation

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“Brightly Fancy” “Fluffing a Duck” “Quirky Dog” “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (Β 
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Jason Kroman says:

6:14 dog gun

John Agujiobi says:

4:50. When a husband realizs that his wife is trapped

InFeCtIoUsHaDoW InFeCtIoUsHaDoW says:


Shelby Devine says:

great video but i had to change it bc the music in the background was SOOO annoying

Lucy Kelly says:

Poor pug at 7 minutes in cant even lick its own nose clean! Stupid breeders!

Wendy Nelson says:

Whoever has that dog tied to a pole like that… needs to be tied to a pole!! People are UNBELIEVABLE!!

TIGER FUNNYWORKS…. You know an animal that's not being treated humanely… why would you post videos of animals that are treated that way? I'll never subscribeΒ to you as long as you continue to post these videos under the LIE of humor!!

Alisa G says:

Who Else whatched a Saddest Dog videos that will make you cry And then started Bawling then found this and knew it will make you laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Margalus says:

That horrible crappy obnoxious horrible crappy background sound crap from about 1:303:00 ruined the whole video. I can't say horrible crappy enough!

chaos gaming YT says:

wtf the thumbnail that just made me die laughing

Ebon Silk says:

I had a relative that had a pair of dogs that used to eat ice cream together. Same situation, just with a Yorkshire Terrier and a black lab. So funny.

boybro 77 says:

Oh my good that song was so fricken annoying

FaceInTheWindow says:

That dog at 6:35 that was screaming and freaking out, what flew out of him? Was that a little bit of pee or…? πŸ€”

omar f arevalo says:

Este es mas chistoso en mi vida!

Steven Bell says:

4:12 Please, PLEASE be careful what you allow your pets to chew on. An aerosol can is not an acceptable chew-toy.
You're sitting right there with doggie, and you're allowing him to chew a can? This woman is not a responsible owner. 'Nuff said.

Corgi Cuteness Dog says:

0:36 that dog looks like my friend

HollowGamer says:

Did anyone else find it annoying when the dog was licking the camera lens

Nell F says:

love yo channel

xXPR3DATOR101Xx says:

7:50 Yep totally a dog right there

Kathleen Martens says:

dat is echt cool

Mary Loves Makeup77 says:

3:00 I feel ya buddy!

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