Funny Dogs Peeing | What a smart dogs!

Funny Dogs Peeing | What a smart dogs!
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Магомед Абулла says:

Ахахахазаааахахаххха маленкий туалет😂😂😂😹😹

Doris Hayat says:


Top Dog Videos Youtube says:

What a smart dog!

Key2 Key2 says:

Wow very nice dog.😘
l Like it dog..

Best Babies Youtube says:

Oh, smart dogs. I love obedient dogs like this.

Jimi Park says:

These dogs are well trained. Very good

Bela Lara says:

😂😂😂 A dog likes freedom when peeing

Amy Destiny says:

Wowwwww Smart dog

Jik Jik says:

Holy crap!! Now I've seen it all

Morrow Andrea says:

They are smart dogs. I want to get the dog like this

Anthony Joel says:

Oh right! Dogs must always do that!

fifa 17 says:


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