A Smart Dog saves the stranded Dogs

A smart dog saves the two stranded dogs against the flowing river. The dogs are stranded inside a boat. And it saves, you have to watch this amazing video.


Donald Mud Dirt says:

That is exactly what labs are meant to do.

Lucario says:

Aww,he is so trained!

Elisha Swain says:

beautiful video

Uni In says:

This is ANIMAL ABUSE !!! Why you do this to dogs? This should be reported to the police. This is not a NATURAL for dogs and they have fear.

Deborah McAlister Faddis says:

Yes, we now have a company managing our video. Any reposts will get into trouble.

jayjayjames2332 says:

Pretty sure this is just some training. The guys in the video don't seem very emotional or overly excited with the situation, plus why the fuck would there just be two dogs alone in a canoe? Not to mention it's obviously not a very deep river and the current isn't that strong. The guys probably could have swam out there and grabbed the dogs themselves if they had to. Not to mention the rope hanging off the front for him to grab and drag them back with.. Still impressive though.

Breeanna Greer says:

who ever dislikes this video has no heart…. I get so attached with dogs and its so sad to lose them

Robbie Benson Faddis says:

You are a prick!  This is my mommy's video and you stole it!

Uncle Ham says:

This deserves more views.

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