These pups have a serious motivation problem.

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10. Lazy Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park


8. Dog Sliding Down Steps

7. Roomba cleans around lazy dog

6. Lazy dog playing catch!

5. Lazy Golden Retriever Puppy Plays Fetch

4. Dog Doesn’t Know How To Catch Frisbee!
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3. Welsh Corgi Massage

2. Lazy dog wants pretzel

1. Winston the lazy farting bulldog


21 CryBaby's Partying! At The Discø says:

I have a shi tzu. All she does is sleep, eat for a few minutes, use the bathroom, and go back to sleep. I'm lazy so I couldn't ask for anything more.

Kelly Wilson says:

that one liked scratching his balls on the stairs

Savannah Banana says:

my dog should be in this video when ahe tried to get off the couch she slides and as soon as she reaches the floor she sleeps 🐕

Clark Kent says:

All of these dogs are like my older brother, without the Xbox and Dorito stains.

pootzko says:

bulldog looks like he's part of the sofa lol

Ruffa Manaog says:

that's super lazy

Butterfly 05 says:

Lol at 2:51 that dog was in a trance

Mike says:

That's Me on weekends!

Mukesh Goyal says:

00:30 that's me.. Lol

fvedal _ says:

On the first vid, did you see in the background there's dog is pooping. Lmao

Linda Quarters says:

My little shiba inu is the laziest dog in the world

brett kelly says:

I chased down my blood hound about 3 miles once he stopped gave up and refused to walk i had to put that bastard over my shoulder and carry him home lmao ive never been more mad in my life

kenny edwards says:

Some of those poor dogs are too fat.
Anyway, my buddy came into the pub last night and said "Kenny, you're piling on the weight". I said "I know, it's because every time I go round your place to shag your wife she insists on making me a sandwich".

thu nguyen says:

haha… cute ♡♡

אפרת כרמלי says:

Are these dogs suffer from depression or a medical problem ?

R. McBride says:

LOLOLOL! Just hilarious! 😀

Matthew Hubbs says:

My favorite was the dog and the vacuum I was dying lol

Psycho Killer says:

My mastiff is lazy as fuck

RottenRroses says:

Most inspiring video I've seen all day.

Back Nforth says:

no enerji 2day

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