Funny Pitbull Video 2017 # 3

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Briana Harrell says:

3:20 when your girl trying to get your undivided attention

Harley Jules says:

Grapes will also poison a dog.

Harley Jules says:

All dogs get sick on potatoes. The vet told me potatoes can kill a dog.

Ashley Smith says:

😂 5:15 I wish everyone treated dogs like this

Claes Petersson says:

Awesome video but to the ones feeding your pets with french fries etc, you are killing them. Not a joke. Especially if you live in USA, many of your ingrediants are banned in Europe since they give X number of diseases, obesity is only one of them. Please dont feed your animals with human food, if feeling the need to absolutly must feed them human food avoid food that has been drowned in oil. A dogs body is not made for that, human body has developed a natural defence against fast food so we can eat it.

SHRIKE427 says:

Dang man… Piggy piggy is viscous !

Really Though says:

That pig could kill someone lol don't fuck with that pig

criminology is wat I like says:

0:35 you look like somebody auntie!

Mark Beachem says:

That video would be so cool if some punk bitch hadn't mutilated the dog. WTF is wrong with you people that crop your dogs ears, come walking my neighborhood in Fresno Ill slap the stupid right off you.

Lucy Norman says:

OMG!!!….way too cute…🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Juan Pablo Lopez Beltran says:

ergbegbryjtrvhjefhbryujgcb bb

AphexTwin Diary says:

1:30 nice pig omg

Alex Kohler says:

that pig is ready to fuck some shit up

Sophia Duarte says:

Too Cute.😘😄😁😎😋😊👏💕🌈💒🏄💧🌊😘

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