Dog Steals Baby’s Food, Dog & Baby Eat Together | Funny Compilations

Dog Steals Baby’s Food, Dog & Baby Eat Together | Funny Compilations
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Best Babies Youtube says:

What's breed of dog in the first video?

FaZe Angela says:

0:42 is this kid looks like jb

Wayne Trippett says:

I would be kicking some dog ASS……

Kenyan Bunnie says:

1:46 That always gets me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

corinne glaser says:

Sorry for the first time I found this video although very cute not to my taste . I cant really approve of dogs and children sharing food

Grey John says:

Hhaa give them ices!

Morrow Andrea says:

Oh no, that's not stealing. They are just sharing food for each other and I feel that's so funny

Anne Lawrence says:

the baby clearly gives the food to the dog.

Mia fio says:

Altho some of these cute, some disgusting, and would never happen in my house! Our dog was trained to only eat out of His own bowl. He Will sit and Stare at Us while we eat, but has NEVER Ever put his paws.. never mind Lick Our dish, Or Our food! He knows better. I LOVE dogs, but My child Is my child. And because my son is 'human' and Not a Dog, our Dog will Not be sharing with his plate, or licking off food from his face!

Sophia Kerr says:

Always have a dog eat together, You will not be lonely!

Riya Singh says:

I hate it when someone takes my ice-cream

B Robinson says:


Keera H. says:

Ohhhhh nooo there will be none of that in my house. I also think that's so gross to let the dog eat/lick out the baby's hand and then let the baby continue eating or stick their hand in their mouth. God forbid they ever are holding candy or chocolate. I have 3 dogs and they know better.

Rajat Verma says:

1:50 bad face Chinese boy very bad all Chinese

The Kruxed says:

Just lots of poorly trained dogs and moron owners recording it instead of training

hk man says:

hahaha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

One Darling says:

Haha……but they are still cute

Ethan Thomas says:

I think that dog needs a little more discipline :-O

Ava Olivia says:

"I want your food, sharing to me" haha

MAXXTM bk says:

so cute…. comment.. yes or no

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