Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation (2017)

Funny and cute dogs guarding their human babies! Dogs and babies are so heart warming!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Moonlight Bae says:

0.55 vicios pit bull attacks babies!

Lucy Robb says:

1:41 my dog does that when my dad pretends to hit me. Man I love dogs!

WvrldTheGod says:

1:53 hiiya

Jett Sioson says:

Dogs(thinking) : "This little human will give me food and call me good boye! I shall protect him!"

Frisk Dreemurr says:

When I was at my uncles house, they had a dog named buddy. They had a small space between the couch and the wall. I was on the couch getting my diaper changed, when my uncle started making faces at me from behind the couch. Buddy must've thought he was doing something to me, because he jumped over the couch and attacked him! Ever since then he would follow me around, sit on my lap, and do everything with me! Sadly, when I was about 4/5 he died. R.I.P Buddy!

Gabi Melchor says:

My mom told me stories about my very first dog they got 2 years before I was born when she met me she wanted nothing to do with anything else but me she would protect me and alert my parents when I cried
She recently got cancer and died it was sad but now she's not my guard dog
She's My Guardian ANGEL dog
I miss her

KitKat Kpop says:

It's so cute how they recognize them as small and fragile little beings 😭😻

probotboyxxx says:

Dogs… It's what they do.

Joel Sherrer says:

stupid fucking trash, teasing a dogs instinct is badd

Ricky Anzley says:

4:37 killed me,,,a baby that makes farting noises and has a great Dane best friend# life goals

riderman555 Boeder says:

Too …. much….. cute… XD

Madi Browning says:

It's like toddlers seeing they're baby siblings for the first time

Aqua sparklez says:

This is why me and my parents chose a BIG dog

Federica xx94 says:

1:44 my dog do the same

Huy Nguyen says:

This is what the dog thinks
Dog : what the hell is this small creature that mama love more then me

Gamerdroid World says:

In most of this video dogs were just annoyed by the kids and they weren't protecting em

Animal Lover says:

dogs: it's mine now

ninja master3579 says:

so cute😶😶😶😌😌😳😳❤❤💕💕

PS4 Gaming says:

3:25 Baby– "the FUCKS going on out there?!

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