Do your dogs like Ice?


L8on3LL says:

I do! Aussie is now 9mos and 'he' still goes crazy for ice (Puggle = Pug + Beagle)

Phú Hòa Đoàn says:

Awesome, checking you out more in the future!

Jonathan Torres says:

My German Shepherd loves ice cream. Does that count?

Slingshotbub says:

I have a 6 month old English sheperd he is an ice addict

Official B17 R473 says:

I hav two dogs, a shitzu and a golden retriever who both love ice.

ashley smith says:

my dog loves ice she is black coated like your two
and she will sit jump up for it shake paws for it dont really question it
my other dog isn't interested in it

anupama thomas says:

my dog loves ice

mcool135 says:

they love it cuz its water u don't have to lick way easier lol

lilfootsoulja1707 says:

Yep my dog loves ice as well, she'll even catch then eat snowballs =)

Greg Wheat says:

My dogs love ice!

Wirelessmess says:

My GSD Zeke loves ice so much I made him "poultry-cubes" from chicken broth 🙂

Sandra Brady says:

Petey will leave ANYTHING he is doing when he hears the ice dispenser! He is an "Iceman".

ArcBaliAngel says:

Titan is ok with ice. he will lick it for awhile and then get bored and leave it there to melt haha

Kay Keyser says:

My lab mix loves to go to the park in the winter and find the water bowls frozen with a whole block of ice. She'll tip it over and play hockey with the large block or just carry it around to tease the other dogs into a game of chase!

wnye says:

my Dachshund LOVES ice and drinking cold water.

OnenessSaint says:

My dog has learned to operate the ice dispenser. She is an ice fanatic.

CoasterChick22 says:

@CoasterChick22 he's a golden btw. and my other golden loved it too

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