Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom | The Dodo

This amazing service dog knows EXACTLY how to take care of his mom after her brain injury πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Video by: Laszlo Toth
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Jay Logan says:

This dog is actually amazing, he cleans better than I do!πŸ˜‚

Izzy Butler says:

awh this made me cry

Sabrina Hassan says:

I really cried😭from happinessπŸ™‚

Saige puppy says:

0:54 is the thΔ±mbnail

Anthony Saviano says:

This dog does more work around the house than I do.

Kara Shea says:

(Tears streaming down face) That's amazing and wonderful

Arcadius K says:

To all dogs in the world. I love you for being the best friend in the entire universe!!! πŸ˜€

the bambi and nibbles show says:

this is such a dedicated dog

Heavy Hitter says:

SUPER DOG!!!!! From Your Real life Superhero From The Xtreme Justice league

Robyn Boone says:

that is an amazing dog!

Abigail C says:

AWWW! I WANT U COLT I LOVE U now I want to have a pup JUST LIKE Colt!!!


lola awesom pug says:

That's a rilly smart Dog not ganna lie

Arun S Suresh says:

hats off to him or her so loyal n not even human can take care like ds

Zen Ron says:

OMG So clever

la la says:


Charchargaming21 says:

Dogs are geniuses

Angel Aung san htay says:

What a babyboy

Sofia Jasmine says:

I love this dog!

Hkeira Vlogs says:


Shaldo Games says:

I wish my dog was like that he just eats sleep and hump

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