Dog Parents Watch Their Newborn Puppy

These two dogs watch their new puppy bark through the glass door. The cute and energetic pup just wants to play with Mom and Dad!


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Ҩυεεŋ·Ʈɾσιιѕ says:

damn.. the dad is hella huge compared to the mother.

Rithrius says:


sassy pants says:

what breed is this? what breed is the mother?? so cute

Teragram38 Crows says:

the puppy sounds like a little squeaky toy.

ruby23 Reyes.g says:

it is Tiny But Mighty

Sabian Tarik El says:

So, the cats the Social Worker that brought the parents to the foster parents home, to see the lil boy.

Evon Williams says:

mommy, daddy I'm mad at you for leaving me to cute and funny

no one says:

why not let the little one interact with its parents?? #innocentquestion not trying to start shit. is it because they might be too rough with the lil babes??

13 Reqqa says:

it may be a puppy but it aint their puppy

arsenalmanic says:

Open the f*cking door then!

Morgan Lemons says:

Random cat back there lol

TigerMeadows says:

Are you going to have it neutered? It's head is too big.

Sambo Fighting says:

That lil nugget looking more like his/her mama😌🐶

81crackhead81 says:

They are not watching him, they were just thinking why they did not use birth control…

Smexy Sinowa says:

Lol mom is like "I'm not helping you. You better go find the doggy door like everyone else."

Karen Catizone says:

Puppy – "Why iz I no havin' an outside wit u guyz? Iz no fair! Lemme out!!"
Dad – "Oh my goodness, I thought you said he was asleep?"
Mom -"He was, you probably woke him up when you farted!"
Cat – "Cats rule, Dogs drool…Meow."

angel mesa says:

Open the door!

ExpectingStorms says:

Newborn puppy? Uh..I don't think so.

Stephanie Dandeneau says:

The parents look like they're enjoying the break.

Pilose says:

guys lol….no one is torturing the puppy. Dogs do like to go outside ya, know. And perhaps it was unsafe for the puppy to go out when it was all wet so the owner let the others out…and the puppy is having a tantrum. It's normal relax. Eventually the others will be let back in and the puppy will get what it wants.

The people who claim animal abuse on this video are probably the same people who can't refuse to buy their kids hoards of sweets and unhealthy foods simply because the kid is throwing a fit. …you're not helping.

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