Cats and Dogs Playing The Shell Game – Cats & Dogs Trick

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queenaraya azwa says:

smart cat

Tetea Chhangte says:

Dogs can smell it

Andrea Chambilla says:

Cada vez se va haciendo mas chiquito el vaso xD

Victoria Jones says:

Even I picked the wrong ones

Steve Kituku says:

2:54was like,"really?"

MrWolf_ Wolfie says:

The videos are getting boring maybe do vlogs

Kieran N7 says:

The cats are doing it when it's not even food wtf

Joe Cau says:

cats are useless,,,,

Joe Cau says:

dogs are cheaters they use their sense of smell to find the shit

Nusaiba Afnan says:

OH SO CUTE 😂😂😂😂😂

Funny moments videos says:

nice cats 😂

Bela Bulu says:

some owners deliberately moving the right container closer, especially towards cats! Dogs generally smarter

Christian 4Life says:

Cats And Dogs Are Very Smart

ReturnoftheBrotha says:

It's easy for a dog to find it when it is FOOD.

William Chiew says:

they have better 'smell' system than us humans

Redcat Redcat says:

Cats are wondering before showing, they are very funny.

Von Schwetz K says:

0:38 that cat did it without even looking. I m human n got bunch of it wrong.

Sarah Vazaios says:

their so smart

Sy Che says:


drag0nsku77 says:

Sort it out, or not,
sort it out, or not.
Bomm, schaka-laka.

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