7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!

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Sunny’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/that_golden_girl_sunny/


Danielle Linares says:

She's so precious!!

True Disappointment says:

I'm teaching my dog how to play fetch. When she brings the ball back and I'm holding a treat waiting for her to drop it in front of me, she'll pick it up, walk midway, and then drop the ball. It's funny to watch

WhiteLuna 115 says:

if sunny was a human, she would be 91 yrs old!!!

Guan Liu says:

try 2 spin a fidget spinner in front of ur dog…

Nora Pedigo says:

My dog is 12 and a half and she was is a golden retriever

W says:

video on proper owner etiquette at the vet's office please.

MC Paws says:

i lowkey wanna eat that snack 😂🐶🐶🐕🐕

Rodolfo Gonzalez says:


Barbie Gran says:

AWW! I'm sorry that he's old. In advance or now: I'm sorry for your loss! I LOOVE dogs!

GoZa Clan says:

When we wrapped my dogs pill in bacon and cheese he ate that and spit out the bare pill lol

A SKATE says:

My dog doesn't know verbal commands but will do tricks by hand signal (only if there is a treat involved)

Louie 9000 says:

hi zack we I don't know if you would still remember but we had a big argument last year due to the fact I was brainwashed by Cesar millan, anyway just wanted to say pawfessor gage opened my eyes to Cesars outdated horrible methods, so I just wanted to apologise for last year and say good luck and keep doing what your doing.

Mia Varley says:

Sunny the dog is so cute!  I taught my dog how to sort of do the army crawl and shake a paw! My channel, Mia Varley, has pictures of my dog!

Retro 3 10 says:

13 seconds in the dog winks

Ana Larson says:

Love how you show different kinds of breeds, sizes, ages and situations, it helps us all to see what we need, keep sharing!

grace wang says:

I have a shitzu and they are known to he stubborn as a mule! Any tips? Thx Zac George's dog training evolution! ( sorry if I spelled it wrong 😅)

Era Sh says:

Can you do a video how to get your dog to stop being jealous. Every time people hug or kiss my dog just barks and tries to separate them. Btw he is 2 years old.

Ellie Wirth says:

Im getting a new yellow lab girl in five weeks, and I'm so excited! You're videos have helped a lot, I can't wait to teach her all these tricks! Does anybody have any name ideas? I've been thinking along the lines of something like Molly, jazz, or Bella, but I'm open to new ideas too!

Freedom Tryggve says:

I don't like greenies. Read the ingredients

Jaiden Taco says:

I don't know if my dog is just a super dog, but I thought him bang bang, rollover, down and high five in a day 🐩

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