Hairless Dancing Nathan / Drunken Sailor

Nathan is a healthy, happy, hilarious, HAIRLESS chinese crested dog who LOVES to dance and wiggle. What started out as a feel–good back rub is now a full-fledged dance routine. And instead of dollar bill tips, he gets yummy treats. Please enjoy this video, because he certainly gets a kick out of making people giggle with his wiggle. Nathan was rescued and adopted in 2012. Music by the Glamrock Brothers

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Akayla Pannell says:


The pro Creator says:

I saw him on TV!

Always Bea says:

Nathan pls teach me how to dance 🙂

horsedick mpeg says:

I love Nathan!!!

Candace Powell says:

Can I get this video to hangouts to Shawn Parker 14804147774 I Surpise Az

Minestrone -_- says:

Omg I'm in love with this dog

Dr Jack H. says:

Michael Jackson reincarnated at his last known level of moral development.

Hello Nuria says:

Oh! how cute is he??? Please adopt him!!!!!!!!

Keri Bennett says:


youtube lover 199 says:

Oh I missed Nathan

Tamara Voss says:

you go baby! xo

xHorseCents says:

Oh dear God! Why does this song fit so well?

Linda Hart says:

So precious!

KillDeer says:

Scratch that back Nathan

Andrea Zahuranec says:

i was hoping grandma was going to be playing this song on her accordion(sp?)
but still, i liked it 🙂

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