Dance in a Circle – Dog trick training

I got a lot of requests recently on how to teach Splash’s dancing trick! So here you go! Basically it’s a trick the talented trainer from Spain Julia Faci created with her dog Nena and that Splash and I had put a little twist of our own on to make it look a little different. Now Wish is 18 months and her hip X-rays came back looking great so I thought I would make a video tutorial for you guys, using Wish as she is just beginning learning tricks while standing up. As I say in the video it’s important to warm your dog up before training, train on a non-slip surface and listen to your dog – don’t pressure your dog if he doesn’t want to stand up for some reason. Dogs might refuse to stand up because they are feeling pain or discomfort. With all standing up tricks, it’s important to do short training sessions ending before the dog feels tired, and not have your dog stand up for extended periods of time. If your dog is over weight, have your dog at the correct weight first and physically fit before training this trick. Its a good idea to get a physical therapist to give you advice on whether this trick will be ok for your dog to do. Here is a link to how to begin steps to training the initial footwork for the trick using the rear end awareness exercise-


roque trinidad says:

I grew up in an area where people fought dogs and used very cruel training methods on their dogs. I found myself using these methods on my american bulldog, he's a sweet dog and doesn't deserve to receive the type of training I always saw as "normal human dog interaction. So I'm starting from scratch and training him a while new way, no more hitting, shaking by the scruff, no scaring him, he's 14 weeks and gonna be

DorienWKS // WildKAT says:

what happened to ur videos?

Barkbite says:

Wish my Dalmatian was this easy to teach.

Secret Agent says:

Hi, can you recommend a good treat bag? Mine it's like 20 years old and I need to replace it. Thanks

unknownyoutubechannel says:

Can you make a video on how to have your dog not run away into her crate when you try to clean her ears?

CanineCountryAcademy says:

Love this quick and fun tutorial!

crosita1 says:

I really really enjoy your videos. My young dog went through some traumatic health issues right around the adolescent months and I made some training mistakes out of denial–apart from a little hesitancy he was so good with everybody before that when he started reacting I just couldn't believe it. I also tend to push my own dogs too hard with counterconditioning and expect too much from them too fast, working on that. Your calm treating vid has helped but there are some health factors complicating things. Do you ever do email consults?

IgnorantArt says:

Är du från Sverige? 😄 hörde i nån video du lagt upp för några år sedan svenska ?? 🇸🇪 isf när flyttade du härifrån ? 🙂 vore intressant att veta ❣️

RCdiy says:

Glad you mentioned checking with a vet.

Ana Larson says:

Thank you for this, it is nice to see how you consider the different stages and ages of the dog's ability. Any good ideas for jumpy dogs how to let them get their fix safely when they are just puppies but not put stress on joints? Our dog at some point everyday will do the made dash around the house, even if she has had a busy day. Shes a cross between aussie shephard and border collie, bless you for all you do.

Julia Hargreaves says:

🐾🐾 Fantastic 🐾🐾 xx

Coach Training World says:

Thank you so much for being so clear with your instructions. I really appreciated that you are taking care to inform "us humans" on how to know what's right for our pups! I can imagine some people would get frustrated over a dog not standing up, when the dog is tired!

Betsy Boo says:

This has been our unicorn for a bit, I feel like I don't have enough hands so looks a bit more simpler to teach this way!

Rebecca Rainer says:

Thank You so much for taking the time to share this… I raise Newfoundlands, so it is probably not for me.. but the foot work should be fun to try…

Destin The Cat Queen says:

OMG this is amazing!

Anne Apolis says:

I'd love to see you do tricks with larger dogs like Labs, Shepards, or even Great Danes. Are they too big for tricks?

coop2bree says:

Love this video! My boy stands on hind legs and we are working on duration. With this helpful video maybe we can learn to dance in a circle! Thanks Emily!

Kylie Ann says:

Great video!!!

Mutt Vlog says:

Awesome! I've been working with my dog to jump back and forth, but I havent been able to fade the lure yet. And i was wondering how to get her to do the circling. This video is very motivational just when I needed it! Thank you. 🙂

Aradiel says:

Very nice trick!

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