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Best Animal Videos include: Great Dane Brothers Help Each Other Through Everything; Kitten Survives After Being Left At A Gas Station; Rescuers Help Injured Puppy Make A Full Recovery; Lab Rabbits Take Their First Steps Outside; Family Moves So They Can Keep Their Pig. Love Animals? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINb0wqPz-A0dV9nARjJlOQ?sub_confirmation=1

Great Dane Brothers Help Each Other Through Everything
Keep up with these very special brothers on Instagram for more of their adventures: http://thedo.do/quinnsstory.

Kitten Survives After Being Left At A Gas Station
To help support the ongoing care Champ the abandoned kitty, please visit his rescuers at Animals in Distress: http://thedo.do/aid

Rescuers Help Injured Puppy Make A Full Recovery
Special thanks to Lilybug (http://thedo.do/lilybug) and Chase (http://thedo.do/chase) for helping foster Ellie the rescue pup. To help support Mr. Bones & Co’s rescue work, click here: http://thedo.do/mrbones.

Lab Rabbits Take Their First Steps Outside
To help animal rescues like these, you can support Santuario Wings of Heart: http://thedo.do/wings

Family Moves So They Can Keep Their Pig
Follow Sunday the rescued pig’s happy new life on Facebook: http://thedo.do/sunday

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The Dodo says:

Is someone you know doing amazing things for animals? Nominate them to be a Dodo Hero by clicking here: http://thedo.do/heroyt. If selected, they’ll have an opportunity to be featured on The Dodo!!

lilac c says:

ugh this is why we always need to adopt, not shop or breed. i'm so glad that she ended up adopting him, since other people would drop him off at a pound to be euthanized.

Karen E says:

I would've moved to a farm for my pig too

deprechiun says:

massively inbred. still beautiful babies.

Lia McManus says:

The kitten at 2:14 looked like a taco cat!

Girls Page says:

the doggies!

Korie Kidd says:

that great Dane is the most gorgeous pupper I've ever seen 😍

Dan Smith says:

Love to see people taking time to do nice things like this for dogs!

Ro Ro says:

Godbless people like this. Makes me feel good watching these kind of videos

Leigh Davis says:

This lady is awesome! But seeing videos lie this definitely makes me think thee should be a ban on breeding dogs and cats for a few years to get more animals out of shelters and then there should be heavier restrictions on breeding animals after the ban is lifted that way idiots cant go and breed dogs with their siblings and create an animal with a deformity. its cruel. there should also be some sort of criminal repercussion for people found to be doing this.

bubanner says:

love use guys….no one left behind.!!!!!

yawny says:

"The mother dog was bred to her full brother."


Gabbycat17 says:

This is why YOU DONT 'INBREED'!!
stupid humans being stupid, if only everyone cared about these creatures like these adopters and rescuers.

golden trash girl says:

this just made me cry. I love this so much.

Alyssa Bullock says:

He's like a kangaroo! <3

Phillip Lopez says:

you never stand as tall as when you rise from kneeling to the helpless .

Diana Rebarchak says:

the first one made me cry

Lisa Davis says:

I love animals all the different ones I know how to look after them because I have my own guinea pigs in each cages

Marianne Pendleton says:

You are a hero!

Really Though says:

Those poor animals… Horrible breeders!

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