Hours after this RARE DOG had given birth in the bushes we were called to help!

Please help us save more dogs and donate $5: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
If you can’t donate, please SHARE this video and help us find this beautiful family loving forever homes.
To adopt Summer and her babies, please contact our friends at:


caroline Rivera says:

please hope for paws

caroline Rivera says:

could you come to El Salvador way their a bunch of dog that are homeless

Valery Dayana Ortiz Patiño says:

Los amo son los mejoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😫 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😥 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 😄☺🤗🙂

Kelli Wildman says:

Thank you ❤

Nicky Christian says:

one baby for me

Fata Cartof says:

Eldad is litterally the el dad of the dogs

Joe The Dog says:

Great video, you guys are the best

Webby_Playz_ says:

One of Jordan and Benji's foster buddy was named Franklin or Frankie,I have a dog that looks exactly like that and is named Franklin

John Royster says:

Pls help I'm in Cleveland tn I found two dogs wondering the streets no joke the just ran off

Jamn Removal says:

God bless these dogs and people for saving them😢😢🙌🙌🙌🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Skeptic YT says:

Keep doing what you are doing, I hope every pet gets a good home. 🙂

Katie Long says:

Thank you so much Hope for Paws for making these dogs' lives so much better! You guys are awesome!😘

Katie Long says:

How could people dislike their videos?

Jamie Kramer says:

the baby's look like a husky mix

Summer Steenbergen says:

the mom has the same. name as me !! SUMMER

Taireen says:

Rare dogs? Domesticated animals are rare now?

Haylee Madden says:

Hope For Paws, I'm 11 (turning 12 in October) and I really want to be like you guys! No matter how hard the rain is falling down, no matter how hot it is outside, you guys will go out of your way to help a stray animal. It makes me so happy that such nice people live on this planet!The puppies were soooo cute! Keep up the great work! 👍

Tristan Sabado says:

soo you mean that was a rare dog?
it looks exactly like my doggo too and its really cute! if you feed that mother dog it will look cute as hell

snow30 fox says:

how do you get dogs to like people again? I took my dog in to get Spade now she so scared of people when I take her outside if someone comes near her she starts spinning and jumping on my back and trying to run away.

loveshorsesandcats amdallanimals says:

man I want to adopt them so bad but I already have a dog and my parents don't want anymore dogs but when I'm older if you keep making these videos I would definetly adopt a lot of the dogs you rescue

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