Funniest & Cutest French Bulldog Videos #3 – Compilation 2017

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Janis Hart says:

The black pug puppy under the faucet:  HOW FREAKIN' ADORABLE IS THAT (well, the others are too!)!!!!!  : D  I don't own a dog, but my daughter has a 7 yr.-old purebred tan (light-colored with dark ear tips) pug.  I also really like Chihuahua's, and one of my sisters has one about 6 yrs. old (med. brown).  Thanks for the video!!

Sienna Davis says:

I loved all of the french bull dogs i want one when im older because im 9 years old now

Yoli River says:

Your dogs are full of personality and fun to watch.

Wayne Taylor says:

they would be better without the silly music

Olivia Van Der Valk says:

I love it so much yayay😍❤️

thoha thohà says:


Miau Lia says:

Victoria Pham, Quien te conozca, que te compre.

Miau Lia says:

Victoria Pham, ?????? Eres salida mental ?

Reverse Flash says:

Stop putting that gay song

Miau Lia says:

I love dogs. Thanks.

Winfried Seybert says:


Liam Jones says:

I like your dog videos are very good to which and I like dogs to

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