Abandoned dog in a construction site wouldn’t move because he was so scared.


Foxy Wolf Blossom says:

Dogs are like humans, only they cannot speak. For a person to abandon a dog is Like an Adult abandoning an infant. For you guys to save animals in need of a new home, lets me see that there are still good people out their. God bless you guys.

Atolb says:

So awesome!

Oermissus says:

Oh he looks lovely so thank you for another great rescue by you guys yet again…plus a big thank you to the lovely lady who took time to call you about him!

Diane Broderick says:

he is Adorable!  Thank you for all you did for him!

Luciana Grimaldi says:

sempre formidabili

Guadalupe Leos says:

I miss the parts where you guys would also show when the dog(s) were taken a shower and cleaned etc.

Anime Unicorn says:

saw channel hours ago
watches mostly all videos

mk2dubster says:

The change in the personality of this dog is a wonderful credit to the hard work you people do.

Vong Sompors says:

Hi hope for paw I really like what you did and save dog life.
If I want to adopt a dog how can I do? I live in Cambodia how can I take dog here? I really love dog..

GameiX says:

it is so fucked up the way some people treat there loving inanest dogs/animals

Nᗴᓮᒪ ᖺᗴᖇᗴ says:

Odin is worth it ! Love to All who helps with rescues ! 👍👍👍👍

Wolfy says:

Oh my goodness. He's so HANDSOME!

Sharon Markovitz says:

Who dislike Do 😡

Vanessa Zayn says:

Fuck all the people who disliked they will go to hell

nadege gorsak says:

bravo à toute l'équipe ! Beautiful dog

TheDarkCrafter says:

Love the colors on Odin. Hope he finds a great home(or has)

The Skittles says:

thank you HFP for not including any singing

Sophie says:

Some. Thing.
That has never

Been commented before

Happy hallo and I hope 🤞 you are cool man

Man man man

I think my

Don e . !! 🌼😡🌗

Cringe master says:

Dislike this comment please

Emer O'Neill says:

Dog 💨
Everyone else 😂

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