Dogs Praying Before Eating Meal and Sleeping – Funny Dog Videos

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Suchart Boontid says:

It's sickening how these people force their human rituals on their dogs.

The Intertrainer gamer says:

This song makes me cry 🙁

Jack McDouglas says:

These dogs are not praying. Dogs do not pray, they've just been trained by professional animals to do this in order to get their meal. They're just following their natural instincts in search of food. We see this in the circus all the time.

Melissa Tolentino says:

I love dogs with all my heart

Mindy Lambert says:

Love love this.

อัจฉรา จันทวิชชประภา says:

I like this DVD . It's very good. Thank you.

William Tell says:

These dogs pray more often than me! 😅

Dim Val says:

Man, let the poor doggys eat when they want and stuff.!!

Larry Calloway says:

Aww ! This is so beautiful Let everything that has breath Praise and Thank God ! 🙏🏼❤️

mauricio aguilar says:

oh yes somebody believe. God is god of humans and animals all are same in from of his eyes

Naresh Kumar says:

l Love Dogs

Digi Andre says:

oh there's a filipino in this video 🙂 feels good man

Raja Laxmi says:

I love dogs

sheppo bangs says:

i love you dogey aw aw aw aw🐶🐶

juanky yinyan says:

Y el video de los perros ateos xD

Carmina Santos says:

Cachorrinhos fofos❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

DemOne says:

4:30 dogoids?

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