Pit Bull gives kisses after waking from deep sleep

This dog owner repeatedly attempts to wake up Tank from his slumber. When he finally opens his eyes he immediately gives her kisses. Looks like waking up next to a pit bull isn’t so scary after all!

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Carolina Ibarra says:

let him sleep you bitch

threez n trees says:

so cute it hurts. good morning tank.

rod levin says:

God i wish i was that dog you gorgeouse

Davideo Jockey says:

dog got that what…..? face at the 1st sec. LOL

Gregory Longoria says:

I'd love waking up next to her too 😍

Black And Proud says:

I want to be that dog.

Beast says:

people sleeping with their pets need to be psychologically evaluated. People that kiss their dogs after the dog licks its nuts…well, that's another level of filth.

PatriotsNation12 says:

lucky dog..

Brian Gales says:

wish we could cuddle like that!!!

MM II says:

Damn would smash

The girls fine too tho

Jim Edwards says:

Both so cute 🙂

kindle urie says:

What a handsome young man

Pheezy BRUH says:

Lol he was probably dreaming about earth quakes and started to feel real shaking n woke up like ohh shit it's gong downz lol woke up was like what now lady I was dreaming lick lick love ya

eyeout says:

Pit bulls don't even taste that good. Try a lab or a golden retriever. They're much more delicious.

KillaBoy says:

The moment when you realized this dog got more action than you

Alfred Miranda says:

I love pits they are the best they are cute and they are strong as shit and hella protective

Chief Longwood says:

How nice of that dog to lick that cum off your face.

Jessica Auguste says:

I ❤ pitbulls

joe Schlotthauer says:

That dog sure isn't stupid.

Billy Baboosh says:

Tank broke off a piece of that

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