Try Not To Laugh | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs awkwardly flopping into water, dogs dunking their face into mud, to dogs struggling with a giant stick, these are just a few of the funny dogs you’ll find in this funny dogs video compilation. Try not to laugh, we dare ya!

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Original Links:
Dog Can’t Walk Bridge with Long Stick
Dog Awkwardly Flops into Water
Dog Plays Tug of War With Tree Branch
Dog Can’t Catch Stick
Dog Dunks Face Into Mud
Dog Digs at the Beach
Corgi’s Friend Holds His Leash at the Beach
Shiba Inu Digs Hole for Face at Beach
Dog Demands More Belly Rubs
Dog Begs to Have Strawberry
Dog Gets Upset When Called Baby


Nigleb Icabara says:

I laughed at the black dog with the branch in the mouth trying to enter the bridge hahaha

Emojifoxgirl 101 says:

The one with the dog chasing the crab got me! But they r sooo cute I want allllll offffff themmmmmm!

Chewedbacca says:

remember what dog is backwards

이지은 says:

not funny..

I love Wolves says:

has any one been pranked before?

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Dogs and puppies r precious

Marina Azwir says:

Is not funny

Roshie Playz says:

I laughed soo hard when the dog was in the mud😂

MrKoharwala says:

stupid dogs…
always bieng stupid😂

NavDocRet says:

I had no problem not laughing.

Cuauhtemoc Ramos says:

I feed my dog burritos hamburger hotdogs tamales taco Bell and some time snicker bar

Swastika Paudel says:

I don't laugh

super chase says:



2:00 Shucks I lost.

staffy35 says:

Not even close to grinning
But still cute

weldonwin says:

0:13 "Can… Can I have some? Oooh it looks good, because you're having it and anything you're having must be good" (Noms Strawberry) "I've made a horrible mistake…"

Vivian Ho says:

The crab low key trying to fight

Mayci Pineda says:

0:13 was like

Dog:Give me some
Girl:Here ya go
Dogs walks away

syna teav says:

i love animals they are so cute

twitchster77 says:

So many old clips…

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