Ocelot vs Crab!

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On this special Breaking Trail Outtake, see Coyote’s new friend, a wild Ocelot he named “Osa”, go claw to claw with a feisty land crab she finds on the rainforest floor in Costa Rica!

Land Crabs, also known as Halloween Crabs, are very common in the rainforests of Latin and South America and in fact, while driving at night one can usually see dozens of them crossing the road.

*To be clear, this situation was completely organic. Neither Ocelot nor crab was placed in the scene for the benefit of the video…it was simply a chance encounter between a predator and its pray and we just so happened to be there to witness what happened.

Ocelot’s have a wide range stretching from Argentina to Texas and while they have fairly healthy populations in the topics they are extremely elusive and rarely seen by humans. There has never been another video like this and we feel so extremely fortunate to have had this incredible experience…it’s one encounter we’ll certainly never forget.

Get ready to see an Ocelot vs a Crab!

*Big thanks to La Tarde Ecolodge and Roel for hosting the team at this location. Please visit their website to book your own adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula today!

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Lilith Valentine says:

I want 10 ocelots, right now!

bleach lord says:

*cat claws * *crab graves cat and throws it to the moon then jumps to the moon and throws cat in sun and pinches upward alot screams iyaiyai and then climbs on its horse and rides into the sunset *

Whitecheckmate says:


css says:

spoilers: the crab won

Austin Chan says:

1:44 is that another crab behind the ocelot?
Edit: not behind more like next to it under the leaves.

Don't read my profile picture! Seriously! says:


Berend Adema says:

Be brave, stay wild. Eat the crab.

Xander Rosenberg says:

Crabs have 360 view

Alan Lopez-licona says:


Crucible Player says:

Be brave stay wild eat the crab

Bryan Enriquez says:

you should keep it

RTDM The TDM minecrart TDM says:

Ocelot jump 1:30

Sofia Gray says:

Coyote: Now im not gonna catch him for you…
Ocelot: Human you are now my slave so, what are you waiting for, grab him for me!

David is Beast says:

1:31.5 Watch the ocelot

Joe Ibarra says:

at 1:26, it looks like the ocelot was imitating coyote

LuckY GaminG says:

At 1:30 in the video the ocelot gets scared by the crab and springs back. One of the funniest things that ive ever seen

Gabriella Espinosa says:

there was 2 crabs

pedr Blanco says:

Can you feel it now Mr.Crabs?

Abbey Bevans says:

that crab is so funny!

DJPlays says:

Coyote 1:55 look down near the puddle there is another land crab I think

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