Funny Animal Farts Compilation.


Dave the pond guy says:

Dover what is she feeding you

Mario Barlintangco says:

The first one sounded like a race car

CaptainMyCaptain says:

This sucks. Save yourself the watch. It's either a human blaming a fart on the cat, or a human making fart sounds at a dog.

Since1987 says:

Balloons for breakfast?

Armin Arlert says:

Dog ones were too long.

Nagybomn Pophead says:

so much laugh

Alexander Lacaden says:

u can tell that most of them the carer is the one who makes the noise

mancia429 says:

dogs has no idea

torakaylie24 says:

First one wasn't a fart it was a crap

mancia429 says:

but that 1st what did you eat

itzz random 2nd says:

anyone heard the wheateater

Naomi Williamson says:


Bruce Finnie says:

The hippo isn't farting, it is defending it's territory, because it feels threatened. This is very cruel to laugh at and a very immature video.

spinrilla vlog says:

1st one sound like a chainsaw XD

Retro Fox says:

Reaaal origanal.
"clap" "clap"

The 'Nexus' says:

why do I do nothing

Garrett Wilson says:

0:05 oh god the hippo returns 😂😂😂

pjw558 says:

and the cats

pjw558 says:

that lizzard was the best

the waffle cat says:

I can smell the farts through my phone

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