Smart Weiner Dog Doing Tricks (Best Dachshund Tricks Ever!)

My Dachshund RAZI doing all of his tricks at 1.5 Years old. A MUST see! Smartest Weiner Dog Ever! You won’t be disappointed. Share with all of your animal lover friends!


SuperN0va says:

@ 1:26, snout movies at faster than light speed.

Ash Ley says:

What a smart girl

Emily Dressler says:

pup looks just like my dachshund

Sandyy says:

So cute! I love dachshunds! Razi is so smart!

Maddie Howell says:

that was so cute

Andrew Corson says:

The sound of dachshund feet on a kitchen floor is so funny for some reason

Amber Wilson says:

thanks for all the comments folks!!
UPDATE: Razi has won three FIRST place finishes in competitions and one Second place finishes.
He has two huge trophies and won dog food for a year.
Congrats Razi!! 🐶🐶

HitomiNoRyu says:

My doxie knows the following tricks so far (she refused to learn "lay down"): Sit, Roll over, Back, Touch (Nose on my palm), Wave, Shake, and Jump.

Quario . says:

mines better

chaiseyys channel says:

its adrable and cool but its not real tricks with food

Sharky Gaming says:

I have an adorable dachshund.

Oscar Lucero says:

ohhh so cuuuttttteeee tricks good jobs for teaching them owners

Tina Frederick says:

So sweet reminds me of my childhood doggy Patches

Jackie Grice says:

Mine will eat anything that doesn't eat him first! I'm impressed by the tricks though! I'd settle for getting mine NOT to potty on the floor. One day I caught him going #2 in the house. I yelled at him. He picked it up, carried it outside and put it in the grass, came back in the house and looked at me like "see, I cleaned it up!"

Lena Redhead says:

They'll do anything for food…well, if they "feel like it"

EastCoastElliott says:

My dachshund is a very picky eater,what wet & dry food does yours eat ? This question is for all dachshund owners !

venomchris says:

very sweet vid, Amber ^__^

فرحان باشا says:

In the last time it gave a high ten not high five!

Donna Parker says:

So smart, and so cute!

Grace says:

We have a Dachshund like that, but she doesn't like her dog food. This isn't relevant but we were just wondering if there was any advice you could give. She's a very smart puppy, and I was wondering what kind of treats/food you give him.
And also he is very good at doing tricks!

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