Cat loses weight OUTTAKES


Antonio Marini says:

ahahahaha cool

Isaiah Andrew says:

I think sheeba passed away is the reason

Notepad of Legends says:

Why have you stopped making this?!?!?

Sarah DeCelie says:

you can't play frisbee, you can't bowl, you won't chase mr. hotdog- okay that sounded wierd…
thumbs up if this was the best part

alex cress says:

Sheeeeeebaaaaaa fuck yeah

HIJ802 says:

is sheeba alive? these are only about 3 years old

RJmanyParodys says:

what happened to sheeba?

Marvin12Mcm says:

More please

thebritishweirdo says:

press 9 for sheebas cute meow

cardcaptorhanna says:

Good Kitty?! He didn't do any of the excersizes!

Henry Daniels says:

he hert sheba!!!!!!
he should pay
who knows the number for COOLAID?
he will know what to do

Lee Hughs says:

I love that cat

XboxGuineaPig says:

Hahaha! The best part was when he was rolling the cat!!! 0:26

Sabrina Baker says:

Aww sheeba is so cute! Thats how my sister's cat used to look befor putting on a diet.

Joe Young says:

was she pregnant?

Jack Campbell says:

i hit you in the dick dude

babykillingspree says:

plz make MORE these are AWSOME!

Dr. Quack says:

I hate people that call this abuse, he loves that cat. At one or two parts he moves it twards him, or stops it from walking somewhere but that's the most.

MrMateo711 says:

Sheeba is so cute

Hannah Templin says:

Poor Sheeba! lol

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