The most amazing dog trick- turn the lights on and off

Splash and Kiko were trained to turn the light switches on and off using Free Shaping. In this video I wanted to show that you can use Luring to achieve complex behaviors in a rapid amount of time. Tug already has the skills of fading a lure and adding a verbal cue under his belt. But I have to say that all this footage was taken from a single training session of 10 minutes long. When using free shaping getting to this same level with the two behaviors of “push” and “off”- it took a few more training sessions and I found it harder with dogs that liked to retrieve as they would keep offering trying to put the light switch in their mouth like a dumbell.

Hope you have fun with this one! The key is to keep raising criteria quickly!!! DONT get trapped on the luring stage!!! The luring stage should only last a couple of minutes until your dog is reliably making sweeping movements to confidently turn the switch on and off.

See you next time!

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Todd Ausmus says:

That dog Tug is rocking a mohawk!

Jay Flippen says:

Don't waste your time trying to teach a cat to do a dog's work!

Kayla McDougald says:

+kikopup what kind of switch is that… my dog is a tiny toy breed and I need something like that close to my bed! Please and thank you!!

furlotte2001 says:

You are amazing like always, I am wanting to teach my SDIT this now I know how to TY so much

kiaistar says:

There are so many little tips in each of your videos such as clicking just for intention. Wish I learned that earlier :/

BriMooMoo says:

what type of treats do you use?

isaiahdaplaya7 says:

Thanks for the great video

Kelley Hornberger says:

Thanks for another great video Emily! I really appreciate your work as it helps me in training Sarge as my service dog! This is a great way to train this task! 🙂

Samantha Erdahl says:

My dog knows how to do this but I taught her differntly. I love splash I plan to get a Border collie next for my agility dog. (it will be my third agility dog)

tboucher22 says:

So my dog knows how to play dead….but she wont roll over. And if she does, she just stays on her side and doesn't get up….what can I do? I've tried luring her with all kinds of treats and nothing is working!

petloverUK says:

You are brilliant and so are your dogs!

Mario cris says:

What treats do you use and where do you buy them?? im pretty sure you get so many comments and messages so any one else wondering the same thumps up so she can read it. thank you

Courtenay Watson says:

You have the most amazing uses for poster tack.

Brit Webber says:

So so cute! I was trying to teach Jackson how to flick the light switch but I only had one switch in my house that he could jump on the back of the furniture and then switch it… it was just kinda awkward. I've been inspired to go to Home Depot and go buy a better light switch now! I think he could learn this pretty quick. Tug just 'tugs' at my heart, he's sooo adorable.
Brit & Jackson

nikiosko says:

What treats do you use?

Pam's Dog Academy says:

I just love Mr. Tugerton! He is so smart and just super adorable! 🙂

Елизавета Андреева says:

Your dogs are so nice! And I've got the other type of the switch((

TheBlueClam says:

***!! I'd soo teach this if we had light switches like that :<<
awsum! thnx 4 sharing!

tehrenberg says:

Oh my, that little growl of his is adorable, and I love his sweet curious face peering out from underneath the blanket ; ]

LOVE this tutorial, as usual your helpful hints are such a bonus!!!

newbear95 says:

Love your dogs! They are so smart! Splash is awesome! She can turn the small light switch on and off without the pen cap on it! 🙂

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