Freestyle Dog Dancing – Vanda Gregorova & All That Brandy Gentle Mate

3rd place winner Freestyle Dog Dancing competition
World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg Austria
Handler – Vanda Gregorova
Dog – All that Gentle Brandy Mate
From the Czech Republic
Day 3 – Finals performance

I have no ownership of this performance. I was just an amazed onlooker. Great show!


Даль Батлук says:

необыкновенно!!! просто супер!!!!!!!!!

Watermelon M says:

That is so cite

Suzanne La Force says:

Woo- ooooW!!!… Outstanding!!!… What an original routine!!!… Such a smart & beautiful dog!!!

Aaron border collie says:


john Ngle says:

wooow …… 🙂

Революция 5/11/2017 says:

Вот это на много круче всяких евровидений!

Webgurl says:

Border collies are the smartest breed on earth.

Mixtra says:

This is so good

Polina Alekseeva says:


Hunebe51 says:

Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman and his orchestra (1935).

vavavoom111Q says:

what is the name of the second song?

BushidoFSU says:

so cute how did you tran her. or him to do that



Amoyd14 says:

Smart and cool and funny dog!!:))) I want him hehe:3

Joy Fierro Fierro says:

GODs furry creatures. Dancing dogs. We love them, they love us….

Teryn Cypress says:

I wish my dog could do that 🐕

Emily Carter says:

That was awesome!

Hanabihsi Hyuga says:

i love it..

Úchylná babička says:

wow it was very nice:-)

Rachael Asserati says:


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