Sh*t Birds Say Video Compilation 2016

From birds singing theme songs, to birds chirping in the shower, here you’ll find the most vocal birds in this funny sh*t birds say video compilation.

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황서연 says:

wehhhhh!!! aweh aweh

cool friends club says:

that first one tho😂

AMA says:

1:31 I'M DEAD XD

Bruhitsabby says:

0:31 look maverick is there lol

ChaoticChiyo says:

Pretty sure the first bird was possessed by Satan

SMT: Super Mario Thomas says:

Gimmie kiss bird has been around Omar gosh!

Steph says:

That parrot at 1:32 needs some holy water

Ghostroast Youtube says:

I don't want to laugh at the beginning I hope the poor thing is ok

Skelemor says:

the bird at 00:20 has been watching way too much omar gosh

Holly Jackson says:

By the first one i'm already ~DEAD~

Chewbacca says:

That bird singing the Sponge Bob intro is i think what you hear in your nightmares.

Annika Holmberg says:

lol I kinda feel bad for thebird in the beginning

XxMockingJayxX 14 says:

1:28 you know that Bird is possessed XD

Melissa Mendonça says:

wa wa wa wa wa wa wa XDXD that bird.

Daniel Lopez says:

1:40 hahahhahah

Kailie Quilty says:

0:59 girl: hey dont eat the camera. bird: really? girl :really . bird:oooooo . girl: thats not funny

Tao ♚ says:

I saw MH3U. And that is all that matters. XD

Morgan Soucy Soucy says:

it's kind of amazing that you can talk to a animal and it understands you

isabel maria says:

The bird tweeted and slammed itd face into the desk XD

Molly Moo says:


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