EXPOSED: The TRUTH About These Popular Viral Dog Videos. Don’t Fall For These FAKE Stories!

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There are a lot of viral dog videos going around that are not what they appear to be.

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.

Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence with animals especially our dogs.

In this video I am going to review and expose some common viral dog videos and teach you about what is actually happening vs what you may think is happening as a human.

The videos I will be reviewing in this video are

dog crys at owners grave
polar bear pets dog
dog tries to save fish
dog cries after being rescued

All of these videos are NOT what they appear and you shouldn’t believe the stories you are being told because there are very clear explanations for all the behaviors.

Finally I will talk about why there is no such thing as respect when it comes to dogs and how again thinking about dogs needing to respect you falls back to anthropomorphism and doesn’t actually acomplish anything.


BrightDog Academy Dog Training says:

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john Franklin says:

I disagree about the respect part. Pretty much every dog challenges the owner at some point. When you show them who's in charge that earns you respect. I've also known a lot of people who's dogs walk all over them because they know the owner is a pushover. You can argue that that's because they don't reinforce any type of punishment and let the dogs get away with it, but humans and our idea of respect is the same. If I have a friend that lets me get away with doing whatever I want I'm not going to have any respect for him.

Ty Grose says:

My dog can read.

Steffi Maier says:

Great video! Please more(i.e. exposing those "guilty" dogs videos)! It's entertaining how people get massively triggered when they find out that life isn't a Disney movie after all. 🙂

Raw Tee says:

Talking about projecting all I have to do is think "heel" and my dog heels just the same as if I were to say "heel"
That's weir! ESP? or Not….
EPIC Video!

Accalia wolf says:

I've seen a lot of the comments saying how dogs don't have emotions and how they do. In my opinion i think we just really dont know much about dogs emotions

Shameer Ps says:

you are soo right with the respect thing

FurCobraLovesFish says:

Dogs definetly have a sense of respect how would a pack of wolves function without respect

Channel Poodle says:

When a dog grits its teeth like that I don't call that smiling I
When my dog is doing it's happy paint that's what I call a smile

Kitty Page says:

Thank you! So glad somebody pointed these out! I posted these types of videos on my FB and I tear it up by how fake they are by explaining in my veterinary knowledge LOL

Maria Bucoy says:

you honestly don't understand dogs.. Specially the part with you talking about respect. Geez it's like sayng that you just obeyed your own mother because you are afraif of her and not coz you respect her and love her. Try to be emotionally involved with your dog first before talking shit!

dixiexyz says:

Biggest dog lie out there… Dogs go to Heaven.

Douglas Tisdale says:

I totally agree that dogs do not have HUMAN emotions but science has in fact proved that they have DOG emotions. You criticize people for believing the rationale provided in these videos but then you take the same approach in an opposite manner. The dog with tears shows no signs of an eye infection and you state as a fact it has a eye infection when you do not know that. You SUPPOSE that but state it as fact. The polar bear did not end up killing the dog. You can find the entire video and story online with just a quick search. You routinely state things that are demonstrably false and your viewers believe it because you have the label "dog trainer". You should present more fact and less supposition and fiction and you would have more credibility.

SGKeiana says:

Respect has to be taught, even well balanced grown dogs teach puppies how to interact with other dogs respectfully. They learn how to respectfully approach other dogs, how to play respectfully, how to give space when other dogs need it, etc etc. As humans, we can teach our dogs how to respect people too, even if we have to use treats and a training program to do that, since we can't growl or bite the same way they do. They may not grasp the concept of it at all, but they really don't need/have to. It's still all the same.

And my gosh, that polar bear story actually really angers me, if that poor dog really died 2 days later. I remember years ago how I'd see those videos online and think "I guess this is normal for sled dogs in the arctic?" Such misinformation.

hm says:

Can you review the videos of dogs seeing their owner after years and how they react? Is that legitimate a happy dog crying for their missed owner or just excitement?

TerraBoss 170 says:

This vid should be called all viral hog vids exposed and u should become ricegum

FrancescaJoliet says:

Some dogs actually do smile. I have a dog who smiles when he's happy, he's not warning me to stay away from him.

Animating Wolf says:

My dog doesnt listen to my comands but shie listens to my mom and my mom doesnt even train her its just me and my sister !

Lorenzo Duron says:

My dog was so grateful when I rescued him that he did my taxes! Explain that!…also, I think I'm getting audited but whatevs.

Music Central says:

About the first one…
My friend died, I went to her funeral…
She had a dog, a daughter, and two sons.
The dog went with to the funeral.
He knew what was going on.
He went to the grave, and sat next to it. He knew that's where the owners grave was because he was at the funeral, he didn't see her in a while, he watch her get lowered into the ground.
He sat on her grave, and when the people with them tried to leave, and pick him up to go, he'd growl, and try to bite them.
I know this because I witnessed it.
It was sad, and cute.
After they had to put gloves on, and pick him up to leave…
Every time they opened their door, he would come to my house, and scratch at my door.
My other dogs would go insane, and know he's there.
They loved him, and got along.
This dog knew right where my house is, and knew that his owner was at my house 24/7.
This is how she passed away….
She left my house, and overdosed on drugs, the person who overdosed her on heroin, dumped buckets of water over her head, and waited 3 hours to call an ambulance.
This is how she left…
She asked or borrow my car, I said OK. She left to that guy's house.
They killed her, took my car, and my car got impounded, cleaned, and I played to get it out of the impound lot.
The main suspect was found in Tennessee. The murder happened in New York… Suspect found in Tennessee… How?

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