She Asks The Pup If She’s Mad At Her. The Response Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes, I wish my dog and cats could talk. I would love to know when they don’t feel good (instead of just guessing). I would like for them to be able to tell me things – like when my dog barks and barks – I would like to know why. Most of the time, when I look out the window to see what she is barking at there isn’t anything there!

But if she could tell me what she saw – that would be nice. The little Chihuahua in the video is asked a very simple, straightforward question – and the response is well, epic! She asks the little dog “Are you mad at me?” and wouldn’t you know it, the dog turns around and shakes his head! So, perfect!


Kitt Wid says: cute

Nevaeh218 says:

Who could thumbs down this video- must have been watching YouTube while dozing off and accidentally hit the wrong button.

minx el says:

that little dog is brighter than most people

BTS's Wifeu says:

awww to cute

tylmao says:


Jonghyun4life says:

More creepy than cute 👀

The Last Days. says:

Wow, that is so sweet. Animals are so intelligent and amazing.

doki d0ki says:

I cried 2 times

Dottie McClung says:

That was so cute he actually answered you

Ariel Denis says:

That looks like my chihuahua! What a sweet baby 🐶❤️

I am THAT person says:

god that dog is so ducking cute, what the fuck?

iiSnowy ii- Roblox Animation, and More! says:

When The Intro Is Louder Than The Video.

daya says:

this is creepy. D:

Amarise Stearns says:

he even shook his head

Precious Doll says:

She's like no now rub the belly

Carrie B says:

man hes a cutie lol. are u mad at me… ahe would of shit if he turned baxk and said… ya…bitch u make so mad lol

DJPlayzGames says:

The slow motion of her saying "are you mad at me" real deal sounds like something in a horror movie.

Mscookievl says:

Sooo tweet!

Florence Filiai says:


Jinxes Vixen says:

it'll kill me 🤔should I not watch it ?…IM ALIVE !

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