Jumpy, Skidboot

Can Jumpy do Skidboot’s routine ?
When the time comes for Jumpy to go, he will meet in doggie heaven with another great cattle dog!!
R.I.P. Skidboot we miss you.


The Favs says:

Oh, yeah? I trained my dog to only pee in front of the toilet.

dzigimk says:

Can I get you to train my wife like this?

Nolan Daniels says:

truly amazing!

Razvan T says:

That is one freakin' smart dog.

View all 45 replies says:

are we sure this is not a product of beating and training?

Samantha DeLuna says:

jumpy screw this shit I'll give you the money to go buy a ball, bury it somewhere he can't taunt you with it 😂😂 great job though guys

SpetS says:

after watching this, I believe my dog just play dumb only to annoy me

GustavsMiscellany says:

Whos bothered to dislike this? You must be more impatient than a dog…

Satan916 says:

this is animal cruelty

Alex Googlehead says:

this is dubbed in a few places…

annon # says:

dont TALK TO ME LIKE THAT BITCH ! bam eat your kids !

Stronger2k9 says:


leonf1111 says:

he's so awesome!!!

David Miller says:

He's sooooo cute!!!!! 😭😭😭

João Rodrigues says:

Is this the dog from the movie with ethan hawke?

zGhostBlood__ says:

wow jesus how did u do it?

Vicrostimpfc7 says:

I do the same thing with my wife

ekklesiast says:

My dog is waaay smarter than this, he only does what he wants to do.

Bill Kilmer says:

What a good boy! SO smart! I bet he's really loved and loves back, too.

Diane Burdge says:

The smartest trained dog i have ever seen! 🐕

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