Hottest Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs keeping cool running around the sprinklers, dogs jumping and swimming in the pool, to dogs going crazy over the garden hose, these are just a few of the hottest dogs trying to stay cool in this hottest dogs video compilation.

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Dog Lays down in Front of Fan
Poodle Shakes Himself Dry after Playing in Sprinkler
Dog Hops on Top of Other Dog in Pool
Tiny Dog Paddles Above Water
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Dog Goes Crazy for the Garden Hose


Mitya Show says:

Очень жаль щенка без лапки

J3llytube says:

To the Chihuahua owner. Cut your toenails. Gross!

Growlertrim says:

4:575:57 Assholes tormenting the long-haired chihuahua (?) and flicking water at it

mandy pittman says:

4:57 OMG!!!!!! One of the cutest chichis I've ever seen!!!!! I want it so much its so precious!!! I thought my long hair Chihuahua was a tiny baby at about 8lbs, but this one looks just like him & is half his size!!! I would looooove to have him/her! This vid os adorably hilarious!

cassondra zajac says:

I subscribed!

ScabbyCrab says:

aaw I want to go to a dog pool party


This video made my day hit like wow

EquineDreams says:

is the dog that jumps in the pool in the beginning Catahoula or a German pointer? Looks a lot like Catahoula except the ears seem longer. Been a long time since i've seen a German Pointer. My brother had a Catahoula.

A Tank Gamer says:

3:58 that Great Dane looked happy. I like to think that mine is happy. RIP Deacon. Christmas Day 2016

Mr Nice Guy says:

0:45 😲😂😂😂😂

Dreamer Blackhood says:

I lost it with that dog of sunglasses

qwerty says:

That thumbnail dog though, when you know who the good boy is and you just want to show off.

Hamdan Mohd Zain says:

they not hot they are suck and crazy better die

Isabel Bejar says:

Early squad 😋😀

Amelia Ortega says:

This is so cute!! My favorite animal is a dog! They are so friendly and loyal! I got a labradoodle named Dodger he is 6 years old and is going to turn 7 in August!! Otherwise a really cute and funny video!!😂🐶👍

Jackie Gail says:


lynne johnson says:

I loved the Staffie's ear being gently blown by the fan.

Samman Narwhal Rider says:

3:36 is the part you've been waiting for

Unaperxonitaah 2003 says:

3:26 Los p** amos😂🐶

Евгений says:

what is last music?

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