Dog vs Cat Fight – Cat and Dog Funny Fight Compilation

Dog VS Cat Fight

Funny Motion Compilation

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Haira Deen Musah says:

pls who is child friendly

Girl of Msp says:

I'm Girl Who is a Dog Lover

Husain Khaled says:

Lol cats are brave as fuck

Amber Paul says:

all of you dog lovers who are saying cats are fucking bitches can shut up! Dogs are stupid to invade a cats space! I mean COME ON people! A cat just wants personal space and not a wet snout in its face.

denis gameplay war says:

fucking ass cats dirt bag dog or the best animal

Jackie Bouldin says:

What sicko thinks this is funny! 😡

Leslie Sauceman says:

This wad not very funny.

Luisito Guerrero says:

cats are fucken ugly as shit

Marry the wolf says:

I feel bad for these dog.They are just there not doing anything to cats.But all of a sudden they hit and scratch dogs for no reason

ilovechicken says:

dogs are fuck whore douches and cats are weird war freak canadian emo

Jermiah Quinn says:

don't ever kick a cat

Sofía Meza says:

no cats..KITTENS!!!

franco aguilar says:

que es lo gracioso ???

Lily Lozada says:

I like cats

NtheCandy Clips says:

cats are bad. dog just wanted to say hi to it and dogs are the ones who are protecting police and that are in the military and cats are lying on their asses all day

Blue Indigo says:

7:05 why are dogs so scared, they are clearly bigger and stronger than cats

Luz Bashmakov says:

The boxer to! 😍😂

Aaron Grier says:

Who the hell put, The Farmer and the Dell in that one video and why? That song is annoying aa hell.

Βασιλαρος Τσαγκ says:

fucking cats!

Loco Chamber says:

Dumb ass video..

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