Dad Bod Pets | Funny Pet Videos Compilation 2017

From dogs eating straight out of the bad, cats being lazy on the couch, to raccoons eating off of their bellies, these are just a few of the dad bod pets you’ll find in this dad bod pets video compilation.

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Fat Cat Struggles to Flip Over
Fat Cat Gets Vacuumed
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Cat Swings in Baby Swing
Cat Sits Under Truthful Sign
Cat Leans on Glass
Dog Doesn’t Know Where Apple Slice Went
Dog Eats Food out of Bag
Saint Bernard Cleaned with Vacuum
Raccoon Eats From Belly
Rescued Raccoon Gets Belly Rubbed on Couch
Rescued Raccoon Plays with Scarf
Lazy Dog Chews Ball


Hail Hydra says:

warning: do not read the comments. alot of triggered peta supporters. Of course some of these animals are fat but dont get worked up about it. Its not your pet

E Israel Andrade E says:

i thought my cat was fat, compared to some of these he's a furry stick.

Miche. says:

ughhh the fluffyyyyy tummmyyyy ugh i wanna squeeze it and lay on iiiitttt❤️❤️❤️

Debora Szabo says:

Animal cruelty is NOT funny!


alot of these animals are just uncomfortably fat. over feeding your animal is almost just as abusive as under feeding. please put some more researsh into some of the clips you are using. i love your vids but i always see some upsetting clips in each video which kills the mood.

Johnny 5 says:

Glamourising fat animals? I expected more from such a good channel.

Lalawow says:

This is not a funny video,but I like the cat,it looks a bit fat,cute

Luigi Bianco says:

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Dragonemperess says:

Sam is like me with low-fat food. Low cal means I can have more! :3

Iñigo Manterola oyarzabal says:

Sam no respetó una mierda a su dueña XD

BelovedFriend says:

So funny … for all you other people who are freaking out just stop…if these were children then I would be worried but they are animals

SimoneTasleemAli says:

the black cat getting his belly rubbed during his bath, looked like Toothless from dragons.

Kiss Me says:

The last one is mee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

superphantom100 says:

Sam was going on a diet he didn't even look that big, maybe some of the other animals on this video, but Sam seemed a relatively normal sized dog.

lynne johnson says:

Get it while you can Sam!!!! He does not look too overweight anyway.

mz40oz says:

me and Sam would be very bad diet friends 💕🐾🌮

nogati sageKU says:

these are some fat kats 😀 <3

qwerty says:

Why is it so hard to not overfeed your pet. If you are a fat fuck doenst mean your pet needs to be one.

Rebecca Germain says:

I love the one where the cat was in the baby thing it's adorable 💞

Eslley Patrick says:

1 milion, congratulations! !!!

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