Sold Pupper dances for 1 hour

I could have been a doctor or a lawyer or something, but here I am uploading dog video’s to youtube.

Original Video:


YESCAT says:

the perfect video doesn't exi-

Potato Slices says:

now this is real quality content, not those stupid videos on the trending list

Zigzagmad4 says:

The song is K.K. Ska for anyone who wants to know

Nixx - says:

I couldve done some exercise, or read some books.

But here I am watching this video. Well.

Night bot says:

my fav part was 59:50

MildlyEmo says:

My favorite part was 45:16.

Eileen GhaiYan says:


inaki elemino says:

when the doctor said you only have 1 hour to live

shaboopadoop says:

I watched the whole thing and could not stop laughing

Piggy costantino says:

I never get tired of watching this

Dylan Otto says:

why am I watching this…

Carlos Bello says:

love it 😍

Stalex12 says:

Soooooooo cute

Nihil says:

Why make a meaningless presentation on the Great Schism of Who Cares when I can just watch this?

Mas2060 says:

He looks dead inside, just like me. I want him.

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