7 Stupid Shih Tzu Tricks!

This is Sammy (aka Marty) the shih tzu’s repertoire so far – at least what I can film with one hand. Sorry for the shaky video – the Samster won’t work for free and he doesn’t work cheap, so I had to keep getting him a piece of meat (no doggie treats or Milk Bones for this guy). He did win Louisville’s “Bark in the Park”‘s Canine Idol contest at Seneca Park, sponsored by the Animal Care Society – the no-kill shelter we adopted him from!


CPBlazier says:

LOL the cat is like.. hey how bout me

WickedWind6 says:

Yeah, that's why he was in a kill shelter, I guess. Smart, though.

John Cook says:

Ugly shih tzu

WickedWind6 says:

The Border Collie/Jack Russell Mix sounds awesome! Yeah, Shih-tzu's generally do not like to be obedient although they are very smart. I think Sammy's more so because we think he's got some Maltese in him (got him from a kill shelter). But he is so, so much fun!

PlanetStudier says:

I have a Border Collie/Jack Russell Mix… she is very smart, and has been very easy to train. She even does tricks without a treat! I have also heard Shih-tzus are pretty hard to train.

siria blair says:

Pobre gato 🙁

fastboy619 says:

@WickedWind6 they arn't quick learners search on youtube : dogs101 shih tzu
and watch that vid.

mistah wahoo says:

The cat is like what a tool

WickedWind6 says:

@damnitphil Congratulations on the puppy! I cannot even imagine how precious it must be! Oh, they surely are quick learners! Thank you for your comment and wishing you all the best with your puppy – they are a joy.

SophieBaiLei says:

I love Sammy and am so happy he has you to care for him….spoil him rotten…he deserves it! He is sooooo smart! =) Very cute video!

WickedWind6 says:

@nha4233b Awwwww….thanks. I think it was the other way around, though. : )

David Bell says:

@WickedWind6 God love you for rescuing that little guy!

WickedWind6 says:

@nha4233b Hahahaha…..yeah, he hasn't quite grasped the keel over quickly idea yet. You have to say "bang" very sweetly or he'll snap at ya! I'd just gotten him from a shelter not too long ago, and apparently he hadn't had too great of an experience with a finger being pointed at him. Poor little guy!

David Bell says:

i liked the "bang your dead"…sloooooow motion like the movies

KarmaKamael says:

He is soooooo cute! Love the kitty!

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