Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack – Cat saves boy

Cat saves boy , Hero cat
World’s Most Awesome Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack 2014/05/13

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A Bakersfield, California boy suffered only minor injuries after what could have been a tragic dog attack was thwarted…by the family cat.

Harrowing security camera footage taken outside of the boy and cat’s home show the boy playing on his bicycle in the driveway before being attacked, unprovoked, by the neighbor’s unleashed dog. But before the dog can drag the boy down the driveway, in comes family cat Tara like a bolt of righteous fucking lightning to attack the dog and chase it away. Shortly thereafter, the boy’s mother runs into the shot and picks him up.

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Andrea Liedloff says:

Tell me why I started crying watching this ugh I love kitties

Andreas Knudtzon says:

Nidalee vs Nasus

Andreas Knudtzon says:

Maybe it didnt have a owner

Andreas Knudtzon says:

Cats Never attack people like that, bit i would rather blame the stupid owner of the dog

Mimi Dino says:

lol sometimes i wonder why dogs which're larger and supposedly stronger than cats, ran away like coward when confront with cats.

Shafinaz Rahim says:


David Denisenko says:

Who disliked the Video should go and DIE

Analog Human says:

That dog need to be caught and destroyed immediately.

Purple Mania says:

The 98 dislikes or probably sadists or they are JERKS

Shiny Decidueye says:

1 video about a cat saving a kid (Cats are better than dogs since it did this)

xxxmarissa says:

I personally think cats are more soft loving and careful unlike dogs. Dogs can sometimes be to aggressive when playing. I honestly don't really like dogs because a dog attacked my mom when she was a little kid and almost killed her 😡. and that's why I love cats more than dogs. Forget you cat haters out there.

Ben Himmel says:

And we all thought cats were afraid of dogs

Drashti Khemka says:

… who puts DISLIKE😒😒😒

evildarkness geometry dash says:

take that dick head

Caster Blink says:

It almost ended in a cat astrophy

jonnine says:

Surely we always knew that cats are gods? ^–^

Saturnmoonatlantis says:

It looks like something out of League of Legends 😀 Like a Sejuani bumping into a Nasus to save a Zilean (probably the most autistic champ in LoL) and forcing him back to B!

Greg Ford says:

"This looks like a job for Supercat!"

Drew Lovelyhell says:

I love this clip. Your cat is excellent. I was so proud of him when he saved that kid.

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