Puppy Dog Dance Salsa to Mexican Song Cute

Puppy Dog Dance Salsa to Mexican Song Cute and Funny

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ddfgghjndgn says:

The puppy is so cute! 😀

Cesar Rubio says:

that was funny

bubbas 06 says:

mexican + dog = chihuahua + song = adorable

do the math.

Juanita Martinez says:

💓💓so cute💓💓

Memorable Moments says:

This makes my video look a little bad

jocelyn aguilar says:


chocolatecookie chavez says:

omfg this cant be real😚

Claudia Garcia says:

so cute😆

Kristanna Miles says:

Hold on what your dog can do that

Jackie Zapata says:

awwwwwwwwwwwww so cute:3

Nana Rodriguez says:

So when are chihuahuas gonna dance to Huapangos they over here confused 😂😂😂😂 he killin it tho


Mass mass mass!!

Luis Cruz says:

i do talk spanish

Luis Cruz says:

it is so funny

this is not my comment this is bee movie says:


salvador diaz rodriguez says:

awwwww so cute

Sanel Vella says:

Spanish music, not Mexican.

I'm done YouTuber says:

That is so cute

am your big fan Echeverria says:

that puppy so cute

Vickie W says:

HAHAHAHAH the funny dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

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